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Creating Retail Solutions

Modular Retail Display Stand

A simple and original way to create retail spaces or redefine an open space

Creating simple private reception spaces, partitions or retail spaces with the Modulate™ frames. The large customisable surfaces can also be used for decoration as well as brand communication.

Based on a simple magnetic principle, the different Modulate™ frames combine to create the perfect configuration for every venue: retail outlets, trade shows, shell schemes, exhibition venues, shopping centre, or in office environments as simple partitioning for meeting areas.

  • Eleven different 30mm diameter bungeed and numbered tubular aluminium frames that join instantly and can be positioned 360° to each other using internal magnets - no tools required
  • Double-sided tension fabric graphic with zip system
  • Padded carry bags with dedicated pockets for feet and fabric graphic.
  • Accepts Formulate Universal Accessories; iPad holder (silver/black/ white), literature holders (DL/A5/A4), shelving (circular/triangular/ square in black/silver/white/beech.)
Modulate Retail Display
Modulate Retail Component
Modulate Retail Display from top
Modular Workspace for Office

Creating Workspaces

Creating simple private reception spaces, partitions or office spaces with the Modulate™ frames. A simple and original way to create workspaces or redefine an open space.

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Modular Exhibition Stand

Reconfigurable Exhibition Stands

Easy to transport and assemble, Modulate™ frames can be used to create a stand and offers the freedom to redesign your stand as many times as you want.

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