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Backlit Lightbox Display

LED Snap Frame Lightbox - Backlit Poster Display

The 32mm deep Trappa Wall Frame with LED back lighting creates a stylish and eye-catching wall display. With stunning artwork your wall frame can come to life with clever LED lighting.

  • Snap action frame for easy change graphics
  • Available in five sizes from A4 to A0
  • LED back lit to all four sides creating exciting pictures
  • Low power consumption

Snap Frame
The snap frame opening
means quick and easy
transparency or poster changes.

LED Snap Frame Lightbox
Trappa 32mm LED Snap Frame Lightbox Price: Quantity
A4 size LED Snap Frame Lightbox £69.00
A3 size LED Snap Frame Lightbox £76.00
A2 size LED Snap Frame Lightbox £120.00
A1 size LED Snap Frame Lightbox £177.00
A0 size LED Snap Frame Lightbox £305.00


Trappa LED Display Frame Size Visible Area Weight Artwork Guide
A4 size 345 (h) x 248 (w) mm 275 (h) x 178 (w) mm 2.5kg A4 artwork guide
A3 size 335 (h) x 468 (w) mm 265 (h) x 398 (w) mm 3.5kg A3 artwork guide
A2 size 458 (h) x 642 (w) mm 388 (h) x 572 (w) mm 6.2kg A2 artwork guide
A1 size 632 (h) x 889 (w) mm 562 (h) x 819 (w) mm 9.3kg A1 artwork guide
A0 size 1227 (h) x 889 (w) mm 1157 (h) x 819 (w) mm 15.8kg A0 artwork guide

Looking For High Impact Backlit Display Graphics?

These brilliant high impact backlit posters offer high resolution photo realistic print quality, no matter what the application.

With exceptional fade resistance and outstanding colour accuracy the coating on the printable front side of this media enhances image definition and provides excellent colour contrast, even without backlight.

Backlit Display Graphics - Fade resistance (commercial window) is greater than 4 years, simulated in a light box. Interior in-window display ratings by HP Image Permanence Laboratory with predictions based on test data under Xenon-Arc illuminant calculation assumes 6000 Lux/12 hr day.

backlit poster display

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