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Social Distancing Solutions

Choose from a range of solutions perfect for ensuring social distancing within your premises. These products offer protection, communication and hygiene for your staff and customers.

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Sneeze guard detail

Sneeze Guard - Cough Screen

Transparent plexi glass stand with feet included, used as sneeze guard.

  • Acrylic glass (plexi) 3-5 mm thick with aluminium proflles & feet
  • Sneeze Guard size 100cm wide x 75cm tall with 20cm gap - total height 95cm
  • Feet size: 248cm x 40cm x 6mm
  • Can be installed with or without a gap at the bottom
  • Some assembly required (double adhesive tape to attach plexiglas to profiles, Allen key to attach feet)
  • Delivered in a flat pack
  • Get in touch to find out more!

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Sneeze guard examples
Sneeze Guard/ Cough Screen on shop counter
office desk divider

Desk Dividers & Partitions

Create a safe and professional working environment using desk dividers. Our range of modular solutions reinforce social distancing without compromising productivity. The desk dividers are fully customisable to create a unique solution for your environment.

  • Self-build desk & workstation dividers
  • Temporary office cubicles
  • Desktop & floor standing dividers
  • Standard & custom options
  • Get in touch to find out more!


Desk Dividers examples
Office Desk Partitions
modular walling

Modular Walling

Use modular walling to create zoning, walkways, semi-private workspaces and partitions. Ideal for dividing up open plan spaces, these products provide practical solutions whilst creating stylish, design-led environments.

  • Modular freestanding walling
  • Hinged walling
  • Walls on wheels
  • Complete bespoke solutions
  • Get in touch to find out more!


Modular Walling examples
Modular Walling

For more information or advice on these products please call Jo Burr - 0117 952 6067