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Premier Chalk A-Board with Steel Frame

The chalkboard surface has the perfect anti-glare writing surface for either traditional chalk or liquid chalk pens and returns "to new" time after time, using conventional household surface cleaners. The chalkboard panels never requires repainting and come with a 5 year guarantee against wear, staining or significant change in colour. All products are suitable for outdoor use.

This steel frame chalk A-board, with reversible panels, is available in two sizes. The 50mm x 50mm black powder-coated steel frame is fitted with unique indestructible rubber hinges that also allow the feet to self-level on uneven surfaces.

Small Premier Chalk A-Board
Weight: 12.8kg
Display Area: 542mm x 813mm

Large Premier Chalk A-Board
Weight: 19.0kg
Display Area: 720mm x 1069mm

Premier Chalk A-Board with Steel Frame
Premier Chalk A-Board with Steel Frame Price: Quantity
Small Premier Chalk A-Board with Black Steel Frame £87.50
Large Premier Chalk A-Board with Black Steel Frame £135.00
Add Pack of 5 Liquid Chalk Pens Assorted Colours - 5mm nib £15.00
Add Pack of 3 Liquid Chalk Pens White - 15mm nib £14.50

Liquid Chalk Pens

UK made waterproof chalk markers. These chalk markers are especially designed for chalk boards - they are rainproof after 1 hour, yet they are easily erasable with a damp cloth. Choose from the large 3 pack white chalk pens with a 15mm wide nib or the smaller 5 pack assorted colours (red, green, white, yellow, blue) chalk pens with a 5mm wide nib.

Large Liquid Chalk Pens
Small Liquid Chalk Pens

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