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Fitting Outdoor Floor Graphics

Application Requirements For Outdoor Floor Graphics

The surface must be absolutely dry, clean and in reasonable good condition.

StreetRap must be applied in dry weather to a dry surface at temperatures above 10°C on days the temperature is expected to rise to at least 18°C. The weather should remain dry for minimum 24 hours after application to ensure adhesion build-up on the surface. Heat helps the adhesive to flow to the rough surface to create a better bond. Do not attempt to apply graphics late in the day when the temperature is expected to cool down.

The rougher the surface the less contact the adhesive will have and the less chance your graphic has for success.



To clean the surface, use a brush or a stiff bristle broom to remove dirt and dust, sand and gravel or other loose contaminants. Do not use water or cleaners which will cause the surface to become wet.

Once aligned, pull back 5cm of the liner to expose the adhesive to align and start the application. Remove 20cm of liner at a time and using a firm sgueegee, short bristle brush or semi-hard roller whith firm pressure, forcing the adhesive down into the surface. Make sure to eliminate air bubbles.

Bridge graphics over seams if needed but do not force the graphic down into the seam.

Once complete go back over all edges with firm pressure to make sure they are all in full contact to the surface. If possible trim sharp corners to a rounded radius to help minimize edge lifting.

On rougher surfaces use heat and pressure to conform the graphic to the surface. Do not have multiple layers of overlap on your graphic. This may result in trips, falls and injuries.


To remove; lift one edge, you may need a putty knife to get an edge started, and pull using short, quick tugs. Keep the angle low, (less than 45°) for best results. Removal is much easier when done in the cool early morning hours. Do not use heat to assist in removal as heat will actually increase the bond of this adhesive.

If any residual adhesive residue is present after removal of the graphic, Citrus or solvent based-adhesive removers will clean the residue.

For more information or advice on fitting floor graphics call Adrian Chambers on 0117 952 0105 or use the contact form to tell us your requirements, we can suggest the most appropriate solution for your display needs.


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