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Custom Printed Wallpaper

Create A Unique Wall Mural For Your Home Or Office

Bring an entire empty wall to life with custom printed wallpaper. Just pick a wall, create your own design from scratch (or choose an image or illustration from an image library), and easily install it when your wallpaper order arrives. Custom wallpaper printing allows you to choose your own photos, images or designs for home, office and retail interiors.

custom wallpaper murals

Ordnance Survey Map Wallpaper

OS Licensed Partner Your Ordnance Survey Map Wallpaper is printed on a PVC free and odour free wallpaper product. This flame retardant, strippable, wallpaper is pre-pasted, you simply activate the glue with water and install.

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London Tube Map Wallpaper

London Tube Map Wallpaper

Cover your wall with Harry Beck's design classic of the London Underground Tube Map. Custom printed to your exact wall dimensions.

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London Underground Roundel Wallpaper Mural

London Underground Roundel Mural

Or choose one of Britain’s most identifiable symbols - Transport for London’s roundel, both a globally recognised logo and a cultural icon.

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custom wallpaper murals

Create Your Own Custom Wallpaper Mural

You can upload your image or design file and let us know about your mural plans. We will evaluate your file at the wall size you specified and get back in touch with more details and prices.

  • Upload your file (JPG, TIF, PDF, AI, PSD, EPS)
  • Complete enquiry form
  • Response within 24 hours
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