Sample Pack of Poster Media

Printed Poster Media Samples - We have produced a printed sample pack of all currently available poster print and custom wallpaper media. Each media sample has a full colour image for you to evaluate colour saturation and density. There is no charge for this sample pack.

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  Indoor Photorealistic Poster
  Foldable Fabric Presentation Poster
  Outdoor Poster
  Self Adhesive Poster (like a Post-it® Note)
  Self Adhesive Vinyl Poster
  Vinyl Poster Mounted on 3mm Foamex Board
  FabriTac Removable and Repositionable Wallpaper
  HP Ultra Smooth Wallpaper
  Digimura Smooth Wallpaper



Indoor Poster Media - Ideal for indoor applications that demand superior image quality. A high-performance, resilient 200gsm photo-realistic poster media that features water resistance without lamination.

Foldable Fabric Presentation Posters - This durable and foldable poster fabric does not crease, making it ideally suited for folding in a suitcase for overseas travel without paying excess baggage costs, the poster comes out of your bag with only the slightest hint that it has been folded.

Outdoor Posters - A highly versatile 195gsm photo-realistic poster paper ideal for indoor and outdoor applications that demand superior image quality. This high-performance outdoor media features water resistance without lamination and delivers vibrant, photo-realistic prints for high impact, anywhere.

Self Adhesive Posters - just like a Post-it® Note - Do you need self adhesive posters that are easy to apply, easy to move around and can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue, just like a Post-it® Note? This poster media has a unique re-positionable adhesive that can be re-applied time and again without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Posters - jA high quality 100 micron, self adhesive vinyl poster.

Vinyl Posters Mounted on 3mm Foamex Panel - A high quality 100 micron, self adhesive vinyl poster mounted on hard wearing 3mm Foamex board, a fire rated product (BS 476: Part 7: Class 1Y) suitable for public display areas. These posters mounted on Foamex can easily be displayed using Velcro tape.

FabriTac Self Adhesive Printable Wall Fabric - an easy to apply self-adhesive wallpaper that is re-movable, re-useable and re-positionable.

Hewlett Packard Ultra Smooth Wallpaper - this easy-to-install wallpaper is pre-pasted, so just wet the backing and apply to the wall. It's a flame retardant, strippable, pre-pasted wall paper with an ultra-smooth finish. This easy-to-install wallpaper also tears off easily and comes with an HP warranty for clean removal.

Digimura Smooth Wallpaper - a paste-the-wall not the wallcovering product that is clean and simple to install and won't damage surfaces when it is removed.

For more information or advice on these products please call Jo Burr - 0117 952 6067 or Gemma Malenoir 0117 203 4338